Our consulting services

Translation needs have changed considerably in recent years. Whether you want a style guide to meet the demands of your complex documents or whether you need a professional opinion on an existing translation – we offer bespoke consulting services.

  • Of terms of art

    and colorable approximations

    We will research the similarities and differences between American and German legal terms of art, summarize our findings in writing, and recommend translations.

  • Of questions

    and opinions

    If an existing translation is causing you trouble, we’ll prepare an opinion to answer any questions you have – whether in connection with litigation or a transaction.

  • Of style guides

    and uniform images

    It’s a matter of routine that your documents are in English and German, and you want your work product to look and feel the same in both languages? We’ll help you achieve that by preparing a style guide for you.

  • Of AI

    and good or bad ideas

    We’ll let you know whether AI-assisted translation makes any sense or is of any help at all.


Feel free to contact us by email (kontakt@elativum.de) or telephone.
We look forward to your non-committal inquiry!

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